The list…

homer simpsons bucket list

My evolving f**k it list…

This isn’t prioritised and I will end up picking and choosing. But this is an overall view of the f**k-it list. I haven’t really set any expectations on timeframes, as some of the goals are quite involved.

The plan is to set a goal and then once achieved either work towards extending the target or create a new goal. So the list continues to evolve as time passes by.

Carpe diem

Carpe diem!  Gather your rosebuds while ye may…

As I continue through my 30’s, I have decided to start a ‘f**k-it’ list.  As we all know life it too short and fragile.  In a heartbeat it could all be gone.  Now I am not trying to be morbid.  This isn’t isn’t about fear or tragedy, but self-empowerment.

What is a f**k-it list?  

It is a list of goals and objectives I have set for myself, for 2017 and beyond.  As I cross one off I am committing to myself that I will either stretch further and grow the goal, or replace it with a new goal.

Some of it will be achievable, some of it will be a lofty goal.  But this blog is where I will capture my progress as I work through the list over time and continue to evolve it and grow as an individual.

I will imagine this blog will have sporadic updates, but it should build up over time! 🙂


The List.

Learning / Experiences

  • Learn Spanish to an intermediate level
  • Re-learn Indonesian (did it in school, would be good to use it with a trip at some point)
  • Publish blog ( and have 1,000+ regular visits per month (Goal completed: added next level)
  • Public speaking
  • Learn the acoustic Guitar
  • Sky diving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Study for Private Pilots License
  • Donate 1% of income and 1% of time to charity
  • Become a mentor / also look for mentors


  • Complete an Olympic Triathlon (Goal completed: 3:26min)
    • Complete an Olympic Triathlon and finish in 3hrs or under.
  • Ride Across Britain (maybe 2019)

Travel Destinations:

I have been extremely fortunate to be able to travel as much as I have, but I have only skimmed the surface! 

My list is always evolving, and at the start of 2018 I have set a new list of dream destinations to try and get to:

  • South America
  • Caribbean
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Croatia (almost had this one this year, but trip was cancelled at last minute)
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • French Polynesia (Bora Bora)
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Indonesia
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Latvia
  • Morocco
  • Switzerland
  • Canada


The reverse bucket list…

As mentioned above, I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel and achieve so much that I have set out to.  Many of the highlights of my life weren’t planned and researched, they just happened. I think those moments should be celebrated.

So here’s my reverse bucket list.

It isn’t supposed to be a brag or a “look at me and the special things I’ve done” list.

It is a simple reflection and an attempt to stay focused on the positives, especially when my spirits are down from time to time. These are the experiences I have shared, even at the time, I thought “wow, isn’t this great”.  And looking back (especially when I’ve been stuck at work in front of multiple computer screens) they seem even more “wow”.

I get such a lift when I read this list. And no matter how down in the dumps I’m feeling before I read it, it always makes me smile … and most times I think of something else I can add to my list. Because life is wonderful!  And it is sometimes easy to gloss over the truly amazing things life has to offer…

I have:

  • A loving family, who always have my back.
  • Have had some amazing friends over the years, who have helped shape me into the person I am today.  There are conversations I still remember to this day, which helped me form my ‘world view’ and having that support network that pushes you to do and achieve more, is something to always look out for and develop.
  • Experienced both farm life and city life, with a great mix of the two.  You can’t beat some of the experiences either can offer.
  • Seen wild Orcas near San Juan Islands, WA USA.  Always wanted to see Orcas in the wild, and this was a truly amazing day.  San Juan Islands are stunning, and if you ever get the chance to visit – you simply must!
  • Was allows to sit in the jump-seat in a 727 cockpit when I was a teenager.  Forever grateful to that pilot, wherever he is now. He talked me through everything they were doing as we were landing into Melbourne Airport.
  • Explored Malta, and witnessed one of the best sunsets I have ever seen on Gozo.  Malta took my breath away, each and every day.  So much to explore and feel…
  • Learning to scuba dive on the Kelso Reef, Great Barrier Reef near Townsville.  I mean if you going to learn to scuba dive, this is the place to learn! 
  • Scuba dived Koh Bida Nok near Phi Phi, Thailand.  It was so beautiful!  So many types of marine life.  
  • Completed an Introductory Learn to Fly course in Melbourne.  Always wanted to be a pilot, and I keep putting it off due to being scared of the $$$ outlay, but it is still on my list to take this further one day.
  • Been to Disneyland, CA (x2) and Disneyland, Paris.  The first time was a surprise family holiday though and will always be treasured.
  • Seen more of Australia than most people will ever see in a lifetime.  It is an amazing country and so much natural beauty (Mataranka Thermal Pools, the wild white beaches of Western Australia, the various national parks along the Great Diving Range).
  • And overall just being fortunately enough to be able to see so many amazing places.  From the big international cities like Bangkok, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, London and Paris.  To the beauty of the countryside in UK/Ireland/Europe (Cornwall, Peaks District, Hertfordshire).  And not to forget the San Juan Islands, just breathtaking!  While also having skied in the Three Valleys of France and Andorra on the Pyrenees.  There is just too many places to list… The world is your oyster, go get some!