My other projects.

I am working on a number of small projects on the go at the moment. If you are curious then feel free to check them out.

My personal site (hint: your already here ?), here is just a random blog of experiences and items I post on my way through my f*** it list…  To read more, you can take a look over here.


Professionally my Salesforce work and experiences can be found over at This site is aimed at Salesforce Administrators, Developers and Config Experts of the platform, and shares ‘lessons learned’.



Another site dedicated to Salesforce, this time for people new to the platform. It is a site aimed at training and coaching various users on how to use Salesforce and how it will benefit them.


Another project of mine, but I have now merged this site into

And finally, a small side project at the moment I have started focuses on my experiences specifically related to mental health My Anxious Mind. There is a big focus as well on LGBTI rights and issues, as for me it is deeply connected to my experiences of anxiety.  You can now read all the posts here.