About me. Adam Gill.

Adam Gill in Thailand
Me and my new friend in Thailand.

Hi Iā€™m Adam Gill…

Let me tell you a little about me, and this site.

As my tagline says: Salesforce by day, life by night.  The aim of this site is to share professional and personal experiences and opinions.

I am a wanderer at heart. I know, most people probably say that now!  With my 30-something+ years on this planet, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to see and experience a fraction of what this planet has to offer.

Professionally, after working with the Salesforce platform for over 8 years (read more here),  I decided last year to take the leap and create a blog to share all my knowledge and lessons learned on the platform, and cirrus.red was born. 

After four short years working for Stepstone as the Head of CRM (Salesforce) for the UK, I have now started my freelancing consulting career.  So feel free to get in touch, if you need any assistance with your Salesforce implementation.  Even if it is just for a 30-min debrief and review. 

I also love expanding my knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem.  And am focused on obtaining relevant certifications.  As a result I currently hold certifications for Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Force.com Developer & Sales Cloud Consultant.

What you will find on this site.

This site is collection to share all thoughts and feelings on range of topics including things like:

  • my work with Salesforce,
  • my travels and experiences,
  • my f*** it list (think bucket list, but I am not waiting around to start crossing things off the list!)
  • my struggles with anxiety, and
  • the fight for LGBTI rights and acceptance
  • anything else I feel like posting about or taking photos of šŸ™‚