You know those days…

The days were everything just gets in your way?

You wake up tired.

Your bus/train is late, or gets delayed on the way.

Other pedestrians in front of you just seem to constantly get in your way.

These are the days when trying to stay calm just feels impossible.

I had one of those days this week. And even on the bus ride to work, I could feel my anxiousness. And I was getting more and more irritable by the second.

I remember looking up at a plane flying overhead (pictured above), wishing I could be going anywhere else…

Mentally I kept reminding my self about my circle of control. Reminding my self to let things go, that are out of my control and focus on breathing.

It at least got me to work in one piece…

But the work day was a bastard of a day. Key decisions on projects I worked on were changing left right and centre, and the velocity and scope of what was changing was too much to try and control.

It was a day that I either had to try and stay centred, letting go of thing out of my control or I would have cracked in half…

By the end of the day though I was so exhausted.

I was that tired that my normal ‘coping’ mechanisms of binging on junk food and/or drinking alcohol with colleagues – just didn’t even feel interesting.

I didn’t want to go for a run, but I also didn’t want to just sit still. I felt so much in limbo…

Coming home, picking up a pizza on the way. But I ate only a portion of it and then decided to do something creative and constructive.

So then I started writing a number of articles. Wow, did that change my headspace!

It was a lot more self aware of my emotional state than I have been in similar situations in he past…

And the good news is, I didn’t have a hangover or guilty feeling from too much junk food the next day, while still being a bit constructive.

To top it all off, it was a beautiful sunset too….

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