Love is now for all…

Written by Chris Hill
Originally published on Facebook

Today is a fucking amazing day because today after so many obstacles: love won

This is the Australia i know and love ???️‍?

I am so happy today for the older generation LGBTI who used to get beaten and kicked out of underground gay bars and arrested for being who they are. For those couples who have been in loving relationships for over 30 years who deserve to have the same rights as any other couple.

I’m so grateful for the LGBTI kids and farmers out in rural areas with no support to have their country tell them today: you are valid, you are loved.

For all the 30+ gay men who were pushed off cliffs and hate crime murdered across NSW from the 1970’s to the 90’s. This will never happen again.

Lastly, to that 14 year old boy i used to be. Sitting on a school bus being called a faggot and a poofter. Having kids throw things at you while you pretended not to care. Having to walk home the long way so you weren’t beaten up. I’m so happy that you can now hold your head high and find some peace.

Love is now for all ? xoxo

– Chris ?

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