Marriage Equality passes Australian Senate

Scenes in Australian Parliament after the Marriage Equality vote

Steps are finally being taken by Australian parliament to bring equality to the marriage act, with the Australian senate passing the Dean Smith private members bill this week.

The plebiscite and the public ‘debate’ that was happening in Australia was deeply damaging to the LGBTI community and hugely polarising across the country.  However I am glad that the outcome was as favourable as it was.

Though the battle is clearly not over, with conservatives (on both the right and left) now pressing for additional religious ‘freedoms’ allowing for private citizens to refuse service/sale to people based on sexuality.  How can they honestly press for this in good conscience?

Over 61.6% of Australians voted in favour for equality.  How can they now turn around and try to pass religious freedom amendments which will simply enshrine further discrimination?

For now we need to take the win and ensure our politicians are accountable for passing the private members’ bill as it stands without further amendments for religious freedoms.



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