Blue Planet II and remembering Townsville…

I love Blue Planet 2, some of the cinematography is simply amazing… But the powerful gut punch of a message at the end of each episode, simply must bring viewers to change their ways.
This ep’s end point of the pilot whales really kills me :'( Totally and honestly – it always stuns me just how spectacular humans are as a species, yet how naive and blind we are to our impact. (And I know I am guilty of not doing enough to do my part.)
And for a personal touch, the end of the ep shows Townsville in the behind the scenes for the ‘boiling ocean’. I was fortunate to have been a teenager and go to high school here… (Albeit i wouldn’t have ever thought I would say ‘fortunate’ when I was in high school!)
But I remember ReefHQ was one of my favourite places to visit. Especially with the behind the scenes access because of my mum’s studies in Marine Biology.
I was addicted to the show Totally Wild (remember Ranger Stacey?) and I lived for every episode.
Some of the natural beauty of north Queensland is simply irreplaceable, and even as a teenager I remember thinking once it is gone, its gone. As a species we should be doing all we can to protect this.
The earlier episode of Blue Planet 2, mentioning the coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reed, simply brought me to tears. The reef as a natural resource, among other habitats, needs all the help it can get to protect it from human impact.

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