How can the ‘no’ vote feel bullied and victimised?

I want to preface this with the simple fact two wrongs don’t make a right. No one should be bullied or victimised.

Now try to fully empathise with the LGBTI community, bear with me I’m not trying to lecture here. But this is a community which has been having to fight against homophobia and bigotry most of our lives for simply who we are attracted to.

Then add in the fact that as a civilised democracy we are now being forced into a non-binding and publicly endorsed survey on if you are equal as a human or not. Which our politicians can simply ignore the answer if it is a yes, but a no vote means a no vote.

Now add in the slander and disgusting comments that compare our rights to paedophilia or beastiality.

All that spite is turning me into a meaner and snarkier person. I fight the urge everyday Facebook/Twitter post not to just unleash the hatred I witness right back. But that gets us nowhere.

Now finally add into the equation, that same LGBTI community was already at higher risk of mental health issues, and more likely to self-harm. A lot of the community are hurting even more no, because this debate has been anything but respectful.

I am thankful for our LGBTI allies through this whole process. Without them we wouldn’t have gotten this far. But there is further to go, equality is still a long way off, even if legislation is updated to enshrine it.

The community both LGBTI and straight will still need to heal after this.

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