The Harm of ‘No’

Originally Written By Matt Jowett

I want to say “find the no vote in your friends list and talk to them” but after the last 45 min Facebook chat with the No vote Christian in my list I want to gouge my eyes out with hot wire.

It’s not “okay” to say no, the message that “it’s ok” to say no is the message that “it’s ok” to treat me differently because I’m gay.

It’s the message that “it’s okay” to such an extent that “it’s ok” to enshrine this different treatment in laws even.

It’s the kind of mentality that signals to countless homophobes and general c*nts that “it’s okay” to bash the local gay kid or “it’s okay” to disown your gay family member, it’s the argument that “it’s okay” to discriminate. It’s not okay! And I won’t sit back and have someone tell me it’s “just their opinion/view” – great, it’s your view… it’s my f*cking life.

It’s a real life actual issue for the gay kid in the country town who’s in the closet terrified to be themselves or talk to anyone..

And don’t tell me you know what it’s like to be bullied, as a “Christian” you’ve be “ridiculed”?! Do religious kids kill themselves at a rate 6x the national average because of their being bullied for their religion? F*ck no, there are whole religious schools for them!

Gay kids get bullied to within an inch of taking their own lives because some people teach others that “it’s okay” to treat gay people differently, and THAT is only added to by those actively campaigning for the “no” – F you no voters. F you hard.

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