Equal Rights

At the moment there is a fight for equal rights in Australia.

The government has decided its ‘mandate’ and unchangeable policy is to force the LGBTI community to be subjected to a non-binding postal survey.

In my opinion it is a damaging and spiteful survey. Why?

The rights of a minority should not be subjected to a public vote. But to make it worse, this isn’t actually a vote it’s a survey. And the outcome isn’t binding. It is a double standard…

This means politicians are using it to apparently inform them, but a no majority means no vote in Parliament. Yet a yes outcome in the survey still won’t guarantee that Parliament will vote in favour of the issue.

A number of politicians have already stated that regardless of what their constituents responds with, they will be voting ‘no’ in any vote in Parliament.

It is a cynical plan by the likes of Tony Abbott (former PM) to delay Marriage Equality, seen by many as inevitable, while also inflicting humiliation/pain on the LGBTI community.

But I believe that since this is being forced upon the community, the fight and the pain has to amount to something. And that most Australians will see through this cynical attempt to restrict equality and return a resounding ‘yes’ response.

Love is love, and it has to win in the end. Doesn’t it?

Seeing my communities rights being trampled on and thrown around for political gain is painful to watch.


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