I just want to have quiet…

It was kind of like a productive procrastination. Not doing what I needed to, but still getting other things done…

My anxiety seems to be worse this last week, and it is affecting my sleep, which in turn makes my anxiety worse.

I was going to go on another date tonight but made up an excuse, because my head is just swimming in thoughts and fears and impulses.

And I realise I have been an over thinker for such a long time, remembering back to teenage years.

Always scared of how others would react or what they would say. Always having the conversation in my head. Always jumping to conclusions on how things might turn out.

To try and get out of my head/quiet the mind, I started exercising again this week – walking to work (50mins), 20mi ride out to Richmond, workout at home with dumbbells – yet it doesn’t seem to have helped with sleep. ?

I just want some quiet, just want some rest, just want to feel like I have some energy.

One video I saw recently which resonated massively with the way I’ve been feeling is this amazing video (saw it on Facebook), all credits below:

Written, Directed and acted by Ton Mazzone

  • IG:TonMazzone
  • Snapchat:TonMazzone

As I will be bringing more awareness to anxiety and depression and the fight against suicide!


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