Growing Up Gay

Olly Alexander: Growing Up Gay

I am watching a powerful documentary, hitting on a number of struggles Olly Alexander (from Years & Years) and others have faced while coming out.

It touches on quite a number of difficult themes relating to the coming out ‘process’, anxiety and depression.  While it also talking about some of the serious mental coping mechanisms people use when going through a difficult stage of their life.

I particularly loved the ‘Honesty Box’ part of the documentary, as it really shows the thoughts and fears of others within the LGBTI community…

The honesty and bravery of some of the people on this video should be commended and shouted from the rooftop.  Opening up and talking about these dark times and coming out the other side is so powerful.

For me, Shawn’s story really resonates so much for me.  I also have been sexually abused in the past and the way he talks about his dark thoughts hits very close to home.

“We cant pretend things will get better, if we don’t fucking just talk about it!”

— Olly Alexander

The good news for anyone struggling with any of the themes covered in the video, is it can and will get better.

Please take the time to watch it.  You are not alone and this documentary is focused very much on sharing your experiences and being honest about your mental health situation.

No mattter where you are emotionally and mentally, remember you are not alone.

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