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I am proudly Australian, however I will never understand why Australia, an otherwise pretty progressive country, is not just getting on with Marriage Equality!  

Unfortunately I do think socially progressive things like Equal Rights, Australia isn’t really that forward thinking at all.

And it is being used more as a political football at the moment by the right wing (and some in the left too).

It is such a regressive policy and a plebiscite is a waste of money, non-binding and just delays moving forward.

australia LGBTI equal rights

A postal plebiscite is even worse, as it is expected the majority who will cast a vote (only round 35% of population) will be older and more conservative voters.

Any plebiscite also opens up funding for hate groups in Australia like the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) who are ‘Christian’ by title only. And they have already been quiet outlandish in their bigotry and hatred, while now being able to use taxpayer funds to do and say those things.

It is a terrible and outrageous state of affairs for a country like Australia. Especially when you factor in the politicians didn’t even go to a public vote to block Same-Sex Marriage (SSM), they just passed it in Parliament. Proving it doesn’t need a public opinion poll to be changed.

But I firmly believe love will win in the end and the fight is one worth fighting for (even if I am not back there to have it)



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